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  • a12d404.net-files:

  • backtrack-scripts: BackTrack Scripts is a collection of useful shell scripts to manage/ update backtrack.

  • bgrab: A multi-threaded TCP banner grabbing script.

  • cfup: CloudFlare Updater

  • ddnssrv: ddnssrv is a simple dynamic DNS listener that accepts DNS updates in the same format as the DynDNS.org servers.

  • dnsbruter: Multi-threaded DNS subdomain brute-forcer written in Python

  • go-mjpeg: Motion JPEG Implementation in Go

  • godhcp: Package dhcp implements the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol as defined in RFC 2131.

  • godns: Package dns implements the Domain Name System Protocol as defined in RFC 883.

  • goguid: Package goguid is a GUID generation library based on noeqd / snowflake.

  • hashdb: Package hashdb provides a database for hex-based hashes.

  • libhook: Simpe and easy to use Windows Hooking library

  • lotusnotes: Lotus Notes/ Domino scripts & tools

  • lua-vs2012: Lua VisualStudio 2012 Project

  • nmap2json: nmap2json converts a NMap XML file to a JSON file.

  • noSSH: noSSH is a zero-interaction SSH-Honeypot

  • notifyexec: notifyexec listens for filesystem events like the “inotifywatch” program.

  • open-projects: My open source projects.

  • passutils: passutils provides various scripts to modify wordlists.

  • portrdr: portrdr is a simple tcp/udp port redirection program.

  • signed-loaders: signed-loaders documents Windows executables that can be used for side-loading DLLs.

  • struct2elasticMapping: struct2elasticMapping enables developers to quickly build ElasticSearch Mappings from Go types.

  • toolkit:

  • vhostgrab: vhostGrab is a virtual host enumeration script

  • winfsnotify: Package winfsnotify allows the user to receive file system event notifications on Windows. THIS is a fix for winfsnotify for Go 1.

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